The Janare

‹‹ Under water and suntat vjèntë, sòtt’a la nòcë dë Benevièntë! after having sprinkled their bodies with magical ointments, they stood out in flight, going to places not very far away.

The janara usually went to the neighbors’ house to carry out small vendettas moved by personal feelings or to take part in the periodic official meetings, the so-called sabbaths.

Often she acted in such a way as to claim rudeness received or to express forcefully that female personality repressed by society.

The wicked woman could get into homes through small cracks or just by going through the keyhole.

His arrival was generally marked by a sudden gust of wind.

The target was children who were paralyzed by putting pressure on their chest and taking their breath away.

For this reason, a custom rooted in the Sannio, lost only a few decades ago, was abbetièllë, a dialectal term that indicates a cushion-shaped amulet containing small metal objects, the image of a holy card and magic herbs, which every mother hung on each child’s neck as a sign of protection.

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