The bridge and the Coasts of the janàre

But if the mythical Beneventano walnut is known above all, around which, the nocturnal sabbaths took place, there is also another suggestive place consecrated to the Samnite witches: the bridge of the janàre, located between Guardia Sanframondi, San Lupo and San Lorenzo Maggiore and built on the homonymous stream.Over the centuries, the water has carved a deep fissure in the rocks creating suggestive caves.The two very steep banks are called “Coste delle janàre” and it is here that the winery is located.Legend has it that once, all the janàre in the area gathered there, under this bridge where a deep cliff opens up.Going even further back in time, folk tales tell us that, long ago, a husband and a wife adopted a girl born from the love union between a devil and a witch, who became a shepherdess in the woods.One day she attracted the attention of a man who came from the neighboring Limata area.The girl, who used to bathe in the waters of the river stream, showing her beauty attracted the man who, however, refused by force.The old noble, indignant, decided to take revenge, going to tell the town that he had seen that girl practicing magic arts and sinful actions with the devil. People were impressed, frightened and drowned the innocent girl in the water while grazing by the river.They could not recover the woman’s dead body because the whirlwind sucked it.From that day on, everyone started to tell that sometimes the ghost of the charming girl appeared above the rock of the bridge and then disappeared.A grandson of that noble of Limata, heard this story and wanted to make sure of its veracity.He hid behind a boulder and before her eyes she appeared. He fell in love immediately and as he tried to touch her, he fell into the river and was no longer found.It is said that several people disappeared in that ditch, enchanted by the poignant beauty of that young woman.

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